England today announced one more Covid-19 death in a hospital in Bradford — but no new fatalities were recorded in the preliminary toll for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Health officials have yet to confirm the final daily death toll, which includes victims in all settings in England and not just patients who have succumbed to the virus in NHS-ran hospitals. 

NHS England said the victim was over the age of 80 and died yesterday, Sunday September 13.

Five coronavirus deaths were confirmed across the UK yesterday as well as three last Monday. Analysis shows 11 patients are dying each day, on average. More than 1,000 fatalities were recorded each day during the worst of the crisis in April.

Government figures show deaths have yet to spike in line with soaring cases, which have doubled in the space of ten days. But it can take patients several weeks to succumb to the illness, meaning deaths may not start to trickle through for another fortnight.

More than 3,000 new cases are now being recorded each day, on average. But top experts insist the UK does not yet need to panic over the rising numbers because they are only a fraction of the 100,000-plus that occurred each day during 

Other scientists, however, say action is needed to prevent Britain being hit by another wave of the disease. Around 40,000 deaths were recorded in the UK during the first bout of pandemic. 


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