Michael McIntyre is the popular comedian, writer and tevevision presenter. He has struggled with his weight over the years and has tried many ways to lose it. After trying cutting out carbohydrates and booze, exercising more and having healthy meals delivered straight to his door, the comedian turned to something a little more unusual to try and shed the extra pounds. 

My son has an app called Akinator the Genie that guesses the famous people you’re thinking of by asking questions, so for egotistical reasons I thought while my son was at school I’d see if I was on it. It started asking questions like, ‘Is it a man?’ and ‘Is he American?’ and it narrowed it down to a British comedian with dark hair.

“I’m getting a little excited wondering if it’s me in the game and then it asks, ‘Is he slightly over weight?’ So I had a moment of truth, took a deep breath and said ‘yes’ and it replied, ‘Is it Michael McIntyre?’ So I haven’t eaten since then!”

However after trying various different weight loss techniques and spending hundreds, Peter decided to turn to professionals. 

Speaking on Jessie Ware’s Table Manners podcast, Michael explained how he visited a Mayr clinic in Austria with his friend Paul Tonkinson in February 2017.

The best way to lose weight safely is to make long-term changes to diet and physical activity that result in a steady weight loss. 

The NHS recommends losing around one to two pounds a week which will then help slimmers keep the weight off in the long-term.

Crash dieting can cause you to lose muscle instead of fat and can actually cause weight gain once you start to return to normal eating. 

From one comedian to another, Peter Kay’s weight loss hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

Peter’s large frame has made him recognisable by fans over his career, but insiders now claim he has lost a lot of weight. 

Whilst he has never actually spoken out about losing weight, he was pictured recently at a screening looking slimmer in his suit. 

His sets also joke about food constantly with consistent jokes on garlic bread. 


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