Diabetes is a disease caused by body’s inability to regulate sugar levels. This is specifically caused due to two reasons- inability to produce the insulin and body’s inability to respond to insulin. Dr. Cynthia Kuhn, Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, Duke University tells us that the hormone, insulin, takes sugar from the food and place it inside a cell where to make it serve as the source of energy. If the body is unable to produce or absorb insulin, sugar would enter the blood stream and not reach the cells. Without insulin, the level of sugar increases in the body, which slows down the metabolism and increases the rate of weight gain. Apart from weight gain, presence of sugar in blood can cause insomnia, excessive urination, fatigue or vomiting. Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, reduce the consumption of products that have sugar content, especially processed sugar. If diabetes go untreated, the sugar in the blood can be hazardous for organs and may cause kidney damage, nerve damage, blood circulation problem and eye problems.

Published : October 10, 2019 6:47 pm | Updated:October 10, 2019 7:14 pm


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