Air quality is a vital determiner of quality of life around the world, as the worse it is, the more health problems people may experience. Various factors can impact this quality, from run-of-the-mill pollution to environmental catastrophe. The latter is often the most dangerous, and one is happening right now in the US.

What is the air quality index?

The air quality index measures pollutants and the dangers they pose.

The index attaches a value to the measured quality, which ranges from zero to 500.

The highest band indicates high levels of one or several types of pollutant.

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Most people with health problems should keep an eye on the air quality, especially if they live in an area prone to wildfires.

According to Columbia University, they will need to take precautions if it gets too high.

The university advises: “During air quality alerts, the vulnerable should reduce physical exertion and try to stay indoors with the windows closed.

“Those with asthma should carry their inhalers and use a face mask if they go outdoors.”

Source: | Daily Express


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