Read a book or do some yoga

Dr Ramlakhan said: “Reading a book or using relaxing essential oils, such as lavender, will help promote a much better quality of deep sleep.

“Lavender is proven to slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality and promote relaxation.

“Yoga is a wonderful tool to use before bed as it calms the nervous system, which can be a big help if you are feeling over-stimulated from the day.”

Dr Ramlakahn created a yoga routine to help calm people before bed.

This routine worked even for a Premiership footballer who was having problems sleeping after playing football in huge stadiums filled with noisy fans.

She said: “The routine only takes five minutes or so, and you don’t need any additional equipment.

“The three positions within the routine are child’s pose, legs up the wall pose, and corpse pose.

“Simply hold each post for two to three minutes, or for as long as is comfortable.”

Source: | Daily Express


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