These 6 Easy Changes to Your Workouts Can Get You Even Better Results – Sometimes, it’s necessary to give your fitness routine a little refresh. Following the same old workout day in and day out can become incredibly mundane. Maybe you just aren’t happy with your progress, or you experienced a dreaded plateau. Whatever the case, we spoke with an expert who breaks down 10 easy changes to your workout for better results. By making some seamless tweaks to your regimen, you’ll be well on your way to fitness success.

We spoke with Tyler Read, the founder of and a personal trainer who’s certified through NASM, has a BS in kinesiology, and has been involved in the health and fitness world for the past 15 years, to find out his top-recommended changes to your workout for better results.

Slow your movements, and focus on form.

man doing barbell deadlifts

Performing slow, controlled movements is the name of the game if you want to see noticeable results. In addition, practicing proper form is key.

According to A Healthier Michigan, maintaining solid form during each exercise can prevent you from a potential injury. For instance, having proper form while doing bicep curls means you shouldn’t utilize your neck when lifting up the dumbbell. Not focusing on your form can totally veer you off course from your goals.

Place an emphasis on compound movements.

Compound movements activate the most muscles during each exercise, Read explains.

According to ACE Fitness, performing “single-joint isolation exercises” is a great idea if you have a lot of time to dedicate to your fitness journey, but these exercises are not as productive when it comes to increasing the calorie burn. If you want to boost your overall physical fitness, compound exercises are key, as they torch a greater number of calories, raise your heart rate, enhance your movement skills, and give your intermuscular coordination a boost, ACE Fitness notes.

Get enough rest.

Giving your body enough rest is crucial so you can perform each set with maximum effort. “The more solid reps you get, the better your results will be,” Read explains.

Carving out time to rest is a crucial part of any fitness regimen. According to Medical News Today, rest days can help relieve sore muscles and pain, refuel your body’s energy supply, repair and build up muscle tissue, and help relax your mind.

“Take active recovery days. Your body adapts during rest after a workout. Make sure you get enough recovery between workouts (24 to 48 hours),” Read suggests.

Get your fill of post-workout carbs and protein.

man making post-workout protein shake

Make it your mission to consume enough protein and carbohydrates after workouts. Why? “The carb-protein combo helps muscles uptake nutrients better than protein alone,” Read explains.

After wrapping up workouts, consuming both protein and carbs allows your muscles to restock the glycogen they no longer have post-exercise, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics explains. This power duo also helps repair your muscles. The academy recommends eating within 60 minutes of finishing a vigorous training session. As for recommendations, consider whipping up a recovery smoothie with fruit and low-fat milk, a turkey and veggie whole grain wrap, or low-fat yogurt with fresh berries.

Focus on movement patterns.

Shift your focus to movement patterns rather than individual exercises. “You can hit the same movement pattern with many different tools. Use the ones that feel/work best for you,” Read explains.

According to Barbend, the seven functional movement patterns include vertical and horizontal push, vertical and horizontal pull, hinge, squat, and rotation. Incorporating these key movement patterns into your training will make your workouts so much more efficient. Plus, you use these movement patterns in everyday life, from sports and family activities to doing household chores and running errands.

Perform weight training and cardio on separate days.

senior couple running, performing outdoor cardio while sun sets on them

Next up on our list of easy changes to your workout for better results is having a day dedicated to cardio and a separate day for weight training. Establishing specific days for each form of exercise is key in the recovery process, so don’t cram both in at once in order to save some time!


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