Thomas Mosley Dad: Charges And Son Murder Case

Thomas Mosley Dad charged over son’s death –  It’s tragic to hear about the death of 2-year-old Taylen Mosley and his mother, Pashun Jeffery. According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, Taylen was found in a lake, and the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner’s Office determined that he died due to drowning. His body was found in an alligator’s mouth near Dell Holmes Park in St. Petersburg. The circumstances surrounding their deaths are heartbreaking, and it’s important to support the families and loved ones affected by this tragedy.

Taylen Mosley Missing Case: Pashun Jeffery Son Found Dead In Alligator Mouth

On March 30, Pashun Jeffery was discovered slain in her apartment, and her 2-year-old son Taylen Mosley was reported missing. The next day, Taylen’s body was found in an alligator’s mouth near Dell Holmes Park in St. Petersburg.

The events leading up to their tragic deaths are still being investigated, but it’s been reported that Jeffery and Taylen were last seen on March 29 after a party she had organized for Taylen’s father’s 21st birthday. A neighbor reported hearing a noise coming from Jeffery’s apartment that evening. On the same night, the father of another 2-year-old was taken to the hospital with cuts on his arms and hands.[1]

An apartment staff member discovered a gruesome crime scene when they couldn’t get in touch with Jeffery’s family and went to check on her. According to arrest records, Jeffery had been stabbed over 100 times.

On March 31, during a news conference, Pashun Jeffery’s family expressed concern for Taylen’s safety and hoped for his safe return.

Following a report about an item in an alligator’s mouth, the police searched Dell Holmes Park, which is approximately ten blocks away from Thomas Mosley’s mother’s house.

After shooting the alligator, the police discovered Taylen’s body. On April 7, Jeffery and Taylen’s funeral was attended by numerous people, and local officials, including St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch, sent messages of support to the family, which were read at the service.

In his message, Welch expressed that Taylen was a cheerful and affectionate toddler who had a strong bond with his mother. He also stated that the community stood together in solidarity with the family.

Thomas Mosley Dad: Charges And Murder Case

A recent statement from the St. Petersburg Police Department revealed that 2-year-old Taylen Mosley passed away due to drowning. This occurred when his father, Thomas Mosley, threw him into Lake Maggiore following the brutal murder of his mother, Payshun Jeffery, who was stabbed over 100 times.[2]

The Pinellas County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the cause of the boy’s death. Following a two-day search, Mosley’s body was discovered in an alligator’s mouth near Dell Holmes Park in St. Petersburg on March 31.

Thomas Mosley has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the killings of both Jeffery and their son.

Based on an affidavit, Mosley had visited his mother’s residence with significant cuts and wounds on his hands and arms, which may have been caused by a knife attack, on the evening before Jeffery was discovered deceased.

The day after Jeffery’s family was unable to reach her, they found her deceased inside her apartment with over 100 apparent cuts and stab wounds. Mosley became a suspect when a bloody fingerprint and a shoe print with a “Gucci” emblem were discovered at the crime scene.

At the time of Jeffery’s discovery, her 2-year-old child was missing. After a thorough search, the toddler’s intact body was found inside an alligator’s mouth in Dell Holmes Park.

Thomas was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and booked in the Pinellas County Jail, and a bond hearing is scheduled for April 11. The Office of the State Attorney declined to comment when reached by CNN.

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