Tom Sandoval New Girlfriend: Who Is Karlee Hale?

Find out ” Tom Sandoval New Girlfriend: Who Is Karlee Hale?” Karlee Hale, aged 28 and born in 1995, is an American social media influencer based in Austin, Texas. She gained prominence when she was seen alongside the controversial reality TV personality Tom Sandoval. Reports suggest that Karlee is in a romantic relationship with the star of “Vanderpump Rules,” although Tom maintains that Hale is simply a good friend.

The rumors of Karlee and Tom dating became viral after The Sun published photographs of the TV star spending time with the TikToker at the Austin Proper Hotel. According to our sources, Karlee is currently attempting to avoid the spotlight and has deactivated her TikTok account, where she used to post daily videos.

Is Karlee Hale Dating Tom Sandoval?

There is a lot of speculation regarding Tom Sandoval and Karlee Hale, but Sandoval has firmly denied any romantic involvement with Texas influencer Karlee Hale.

Although a TikTok video emerged last week showcasing Sandoval and Hale enjoying each other’s company at a luxurious hotel bar in Austin, Texas, just hours before news of his split from his co-star Raquel Leviss came to light, Sandoval’s representative maintains that their connection is purely platonic.

As the TikTok video circulated, fans fervently scoured the internet for more evidence of a blossoming romance between the two individuals. Additional images emerged, capturing Sandoval and Hale engaged in various activities together.

However, when contacted by TMZ, Sandoval’s spokesperson quickly dispels any notions of romantic involvement, affirming that Sandoval and Hale are nothing more than good friends.

Tom Sandoval New Girlfriend: Who Is Karlee Hale?

The representative elucidated the circumstances surrounding their encounters, explaining that Sandoval was in Austin for a performance with his band. It was during this time that he happened to spend leisurely moments with Hale, but always within the context of a larger social gathering.

Emphasizing this point, the spokesperson mentioned the presence of other individuals during their outings, underscoring the innocence of their interactions. These developments unfold after Sandoval’s reported decision to end his relationship with Raquel Leviss, his co-star in the popular television series Vanderpump Rules.

The two had been engaged in a months-long affair, captivating audiences with their on-screen chemistry and off-screen connection. However, their romantic journey appears to have reached its conclusion, leaving Sandoval free to explore new friendships and opportunities.

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Karlee Hale Nationality & Ethnicity: Where Is She From?

Karlee Hale (age 28) was born in 1995 in Austin, Texas, United States. She is believed to have spent her entire life in Austin. Her Facebook, which had information about her father, mother, and siblings, is currently deactivated for apparent reasons.

Despite Hale’s recent love for staying underground, our sources learned that the TikTok star is a college graduate, but instead of joining the corporate sector, she chose to become a model.

What Does Karlee Hale Do For a Living?

As Carlee learned about the modeling industry’s cutthroat competition, she took advantage of social media platforms. She joined TikTok and began posting random lip-syncing videos.

The gorgeous woman attracted thousands of followers, motivating her to make more such videos. Hale’s videos also featured her adorable pomeranian, Mia.

The blooming internet celebrity Karlee decided to deactivate her social media handles when she was spotted alongside Tom Sandoval at a restaurant, and dating rumors started spreading.

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