Who Are NLE Choppa Parents, Siblings And Family?

Find out ” Who Are NLE Choppa Parents, Siblings And Family?” The family of every accomplished individual has played a crucial role in shaping their future. In this instance, we will shed light on the parents of the well-known rapper, NLE Choppa.

NLE Choppa, whose birth name is Bryson Lashun Potts, is an American rapper hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. He was born on November 1, 2002.

His breakout single “Shotta Flow” in 2019 gained him widespread recognition, achieving platinum certification by RIAA and reaching the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In the same year, Choppa released his debut EP, Cottonwood.

In August 2020, NLE Choppa released his first studio album, Top Shotta, which peaked within the top ten of the U.S. Billboard 200.

The album included the popular singles “Camelot” and “Walk Em Down” featuring Roddy Ricch, which peaked in the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Who Are NLE Choppa Parents? Father Poppa Choppa And Mother

Born on November 1, 2002, in Memphis, Tennessee, NLE Choppa’s birth name is Bryson Lashun Potts.

He grew up in the Parkway Village neighborhood in Southeast Memphis, Tennessee, under the care of his mother, Angela Potts, who is a Jamaican immigrant. His father’s name has not been made public, but he has been seen in some of NLE Choppa’s music videos and is known as Poppa Choppa.

Poppa Choppa has been a significant supporter of his son’s music career, providing encouragement and guidance along the way.

NLE Choppa Parents
NLE Choppa and his mother in an interview together. (Source: YouTube)

NLE Choppa’s breakthrough moment came with his music video “No Chorus Pt 3,” which helped him gain popularity in the music industry. Following his rise to fame, NLE Choppa received offers from various record labels, including United Masters.

The talented rapper has always acknowledged his parents’ support, especially his mother’s influence on his spiritual and mental well-being. During an interview, NLE Choppa expressed his gratitude to his mother for teaching him the importance of meditation and mental health, which has become a fundamental aspect of his life and music career.

Who Are Siblings Of NLE Choppa – Facts?

NLE Choppa and his younger brother, Brandon Potts, have a close and loving relationship as siblings.

NLE Choppa has openly spoken about his adoration for his brother and often expresses it through gifts, such as the Audi car he gave to Brandon on his 21st birthday.

Brandon, who is known as BG, supports NLE Choppa’s music career and actively promotes his brother’s music on social media platforms.

Videos on NLE Choppa’s YouTube channel, “Awakened Choppa,” showcase the brotherly bond shared between the two, highlighting their affectionate moments together.

NLE Choppa Parents
NLE Choppa surprises his brother with a new car. (Source: Youtube)

Despite being in the shadow of his elder brother’s success, Brandon has carved a path for himself in the music industry.

While NLE Choppa has no other siblings, his relationship with Brandon has been a significant source of support throughout his music career.

The brothers’ bond is evident in their shared interests and mutual love for each other, which they continue to nurture and celebrate.

NLE Choppa: Family Background

NLE Choppa’s family background is not extensively known to the public.

He attended Cordova High School in Memphis, where he played basketball.

Choppa’s interest in music started at 15 and began taking it seriously at 16.

His mother, Angela Potts, is his manager and has been managing him since he expressed an interest in rap music.

Apart from his mother, not much is known about his family.

This talented rapper often showers his brother with gifts, and the two share a strong bond.

NLE has also been in several relationships, including one with Mariah, with whom he had a daughter named Clover in 2020.

Choppa was also briefly involved with Instagram personality Yung Blasian.

In 2022, he and his ex-girlfriend Marissa DDa’Naeannounced they were expecting a son, but unfortunately, their newborn child, Seven, passed away due to a miscarriage.

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